William Booker Racing Review

I signed up with William Booker Racing at the end of September 2020 after the claims that you can make over £30k a year from his tips. With a money back guarantee I thought it was worth paying £30 for the first two months.

The tips are in the form of a daily five-fold Canadian horse racing accumulator, I was using stakes of just 10p per line which translates into £2.60 a day.

The first two days showed a profit, as you can see from the slips - the first day had a void so I placed a Lucky 15 and had a modest profit with two out of the four horses winning (I placed these as each way selections)

The next day was even better with four out of the five horses winning or placing so I doubled my modest stake. I need to point out that you are not supposed to place these as each way bets but I thought I'd have a go and see what the outcome was. Overall this hasn't made any difference to my review as I stopped doing that quite quickly.

For the next few weeks there were no winners, some days had a single horse winning out of the five, with a Canadian this means no return. Some days two horses won which usually meant getting about half the stake back, you really need three winners for a profit, obviously depending on the odds.

Tips usually get sent the night before the races which is handy but on at least one occasion these were sent late, about half an hour before the first race and I didn't get chance to place the bet in time. I did double check and this was another losing day.

This services obviously lives or dies on results and after a month or so I ended up down a total of just over £40, see the attached profit and loss sheet. Of course with this type of bet one winner can easily pay for several months of losses but the results I was seeing didn't make me confident a winner was just around the corner. I wasn't prepared ultimately to keep on taking losses just in case a winner did happen.

I asked for a refund and haven't had a response so that's also not something that inspires confidence, personally I cannot recommend William Booker Racing based on my trial to date.